Right now, my budget is more budget than actual… but it’s a great starting place for what I’m going to need, and how much it’s going to cost. I spent the better part of today working on it, and while it’s still not complete, and likely will change as I find better options, and learn more, I’m happy with it.

At this point, I’m liking the idea of going with a twin temp jr water heater/hydronic heater. It’s probably one of the most expensive things on the budget, but it hit a lot of buttons for me, in that I don’t have to put a hole in the side of the Airstream, and have a potential spot for water to come in, and it takes up less space than a separate furnace and water heater would. This will give me some much needed pantry space, where the existing heater is, and should give a much better quality heat to the entire trailer, rather than just one area.

I haven’t yet filled in the electrical, because I haven’t dug too much into what I’m going to need, and I think I’ll need a full day to complete just that part. That, and Amazon deleted my saved list… where all the solar that I liked were saved, as well as particular part numbers. So I’ll redo that research and update when I feel like I know a bit more about it. These are loose numbers at the moment, because I haven’t done a lot of shopping around either. I know Vintage Trailer Supply is the go to for everything, so I’ve just been trusting that, but, you know I’ll look for deals when it’s time to purchase. That, and they may be out of what I want when I want it (look at the nuvite now, I’d actually have to pay more than I budgeted if I needed it immediately, because I’d have to buy half gallons for more money, due to them being out of stock!)

I did drop my original budget for the trailer. I really thought I’d probably pay up to 12k for one, in decent condition.  And that might have meant it was polished before, but I would probably still need to polish it again anyway, so I’d save some time and effort, and maybe 100 bucks in polish, plus the compounding tool… but not 5000$ difference. Maybe you got a better deal on your Airstream, or think I paid too much, but I’ve been watching sale prices on them for a while now, and I’m happy with what I paid… and what I’m going to put into it!  The difference between this and a tiny house, is at least half what I would have spent, plus, I don’t need a really heavy duty truck to pull it around either!

So, even with some pretty big ticket items on it, I’m happy. There’s tweaks to make (I haven’t budgeted the vintage fabric yet, and I KNOW that’s going to be expensive) but I have a start.

You can view my budget here:

Flying Cloud Restoration Budget