The Rabbit Hole




So where do I start… There’s a whole lot of information I need to sort through, and it’s a lot like falling down the rabbit hole in “Alice in Wonderland” once I get into it.  Believe me, I’m going to get into it.

Consider this my landing page where I’m going to put down all the things I need to know, and do in order to get this done. I’m sure I’ll have to come back here as time goes by and add things that I don’t yet even know that I need to know. (For now, it’s just going to be simple steps, so I guess I’ll republish as needed)  I’ll link to any future posts back here once I get into it, but so far, here’s a good start.

How to judge a good trailer and how to price it


Current For Sale that interest me

What year/model/size

Restore vs Reno

Solar Options

Floor Plans

Styles I like

How to Heat?

How to Polish

Addressing Condensation


Order of Operations:

  1.  Fix Running Gear – axle, brakes, tires, shocks, suspension
  2.  Trailer/Tow Lighting – make safe and swap to LED
  3.  Seal the exterior – replace and reseal all vents, A/C, windows and doors
  4.  Remove interior fittings and skins
  5.  Dispose of existing subfloor and insulation, and black water tank
  6.  Wash everything and seal again from inside
  7.  Assess the frame for damage, remove any rust and repaint
  8.  Replace subfloor
  9.  Replace insulation
  10.  Replace electrical with updated wiring
  11.  Replace plumbing with PEX and new pump and hot water tank
  12.  Install new gas lines
  13.  Install new furnace/woodstove/heater
  14.  Install new battery, inverter and possibly solar
  15.  Replace interior skins and refinish
  16.  Install flooring (these last two may change order)
  17.  Refinish cabinetry and install, or build new
  18.  Refinish dinette and install or build new
  19.  Refinish and install bathroom, or use new
  20.  Refinish and retrofit appliances or go with new
  21.  Install kitchen
  22.  Install lighting
  23.  Add furnishings, curtains/blinds, cushions
  24.  Install rock guard
  25.  Install awning
  26.  Make cover


I’m sure there’s going to be a lot more I need to add to here as I get further into the hole. I’ll just pop back in and add it when I find it. I’ll also welcome any comments that will tell me what I may not already know that I need to!