So This Happened…


The plan originally was to try to live in a tiny house on wheels, but in the hours and hours of research, we found that it wasn’t truly compatible with the lifestyle we wanted to lead. We were attracted to them first, because of the idea that we could travel in them and live wherever we wanted, whenever we wanted, pretty much treating them all like RVs.

I found that they aren’t truly as mobile as originally hoped, unless we wanted to pay for a monster sized truck to pull it. Even still, they still seemed like a solution for living, that fit in perfectly with our version of “living lightly.” A smaller home, a smaller footprint, we could move it with us, just not travel, it seemed almost perfect. We looked at a lot of plans, even figured out a budget and a timeline, but as we got deeper and deeper into looking at it, it became clear, that at least in our area, it would be a lot more expensive than originally hoped for. More even than living in a tiny house we owned on land.

So we started researching different builds of tiny houses on foundations, and what it would cost us to buy land, and build.  We looked at moving in a log cabin onto a pier foundation, and were even offered one at the low cost of 5000$, we’d only need the land to put it on, and the permits. We looked at building our own timber framed structure. We looked at yurts. We dug deep into the building costs including adding electric, septic, building permits.  It was totally doable, if still more than what we originally expected, or wanted with a tiny house.

Thing is, we live in an area where there’s already lots of smaller homes, in the 700-900 square foot range. The idea of building for more than it would cost to redo something existing, wasn’t as appealing, when we could instead be reusing something instead of building new. This appeals to me on such a deep level, that I know I would have felt guilty building a new tiny house with all new construction, over living in something that is already built, and the cost of the existing home being less just made it that much more appealing.

So we had our plans on hold, until later this summer, when we would have a downpayment for a home, and could start looking for one.  In the meantime, the love of wanderlust has never left me, or my husband. We had discussed living in the home until retirement at which point, we’d decide if we wanted to purchase something like an Airstream and travel around in it, or just travel and stay in hotels.

But I’m working part time now, and really was just putting my money into savings, and thought that rather than buy a new Airstream in ten years, I could buy a vintage one now, which I love much more than the new ones, and renovate it to be livable once we retire, then sell our house and off we go. (This fits in perfectly with not creating something new, so the environmentalist in me really likes this route.) It even looked to be less expensive than buying one already done up or new, and it could be made exactly to our specifications.

So I’ve been saving for this. I have 2000$ saved up, and estimated that even with buying a house this summer, my savings would allow us to also get an Airstream this fall, and if we didn’t find one we loved till next spring, that would be fine because of how cold it gets here.

It gets pretty cold here. There’s no way that you could live in an Airstream in the winter time in this climate. It would likely ruin your Airstream and your belongings because of the condensation being so bad that everything would be constantly wet and moldy. That and the risk of bursting pipes, meant that once we jumped onto this track, we’d be definitely saying that we’re moving in ten years.

That would mean that whatever home we would buy, would need to be sellable quickly at retirement, and predicting the real estate market in ten years really isn’t possible. So we were talking about just staying in the apartment, and making the best of it. We’d even do some work to it to try to make it more livable, and yes, probably finally buy furniture. (We really really don’t have much, it’s very minimalist here)

So that’s what we were looking at. Until yesterday, when this happened:
A woman named Tiffany, in Colorado not far from here, posted about living full time in her home.

In Colorado. In the winter. In a climate much like my own, and look, it just went through a massive storm where it maybe dumped 15 inches of snow!

My mind was doing somersaults. I immediately totally jumped on this complete stranger and spent the next few hours asking her how she does it, because “you can’t live in an Airstream here in the winter!!!”

Well, it turns out you can, and there’s more than just her doing it. There’s even someone up in Cody doing it, and that’s a little colder than here. The condensation? Not much of a worry, they never get any because the climate is so dry. Pipes? Oh they take care of it with an insulated box and heat wrapping the intake, and keeping the tank open. Nothing has frozen.  Staying warm? Well, they run a couple space heaters, and one looks just like a little fireplace.

So yeah… everything yesterday turned on its head for us.

Where originally we looked at living in a tiny house, but it was cost prohibitive because of finding a place to park it.. an Airstream is something that we can always find a place for, and even free parking if we boondock it. It’s also going to be a lot lighter than a tiny house, so we save the cost of the giant truck, and that makes it a lot less expensive too. So instead of waiting ten years to live in our future Airstream full time, we’ll be renovating one this summer, and moving into it as soon as my son is old enough to move out. That’s probably 3 years at the most.  We’re back on our original timeline, but it’s so much better because it fits the dream we originally had.

Yes, that dream of having a home we love, and I do mean love, that we can just drive around with when we want a change of scenery. The freedom to travel with it during retirement, but the ability to use it as a home in the meantime. There is no better choice for us than an Airstream for this.

You can bet that Tiffany is one of my favourite people right now. She’s just made my dream happen a full 7 years earlier, and we get to start looking immediately, instead of in a few months.

So I better get on this thing, we still need to decide what size we want!

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