Review of “Best Tiny House Composting Toilets”

Whee, a toilet post!! Tiny House Mana!!

I just want the sleeve, I'll add my own bucket!
I just want the sleeve, I’ll add my own bucket!

I’m reviewing this page here: Best Tiny House Composting Toilet

Okay, here’s my thoughts toilet by toilet.

Dry flush? 15-18 uses per cartridge, at 20 bucks a pop, that means your poops are going to cost you a buck and a quarter each! In my house, I think I’d be refilling it every 4-5 days. That’s maybe 70-95 times a year I’d need to dump it. That’s got a very high environmental footprint, it would be better to put your poop in our drinking water and let it get cleaned with the rest of the city’s, then offset that pollution with all the money savings you have some way. But the toilet itself is at least pretty, would be an expensive alternative to a loveable loo, if you wanted to put a bucket in it and still look like a toilet.

The EcoJohn… that’s a new one for me, and at the price… (1800$) it’s easy to balk at it. Basically, it appears to dehydrate your poop at a high enough temp to kill bacteria before you compost it. So… it says that helps eliminate smells, but I would REALLY want some reviews from people about cooking their poop because we’ve all heard the horror stories from people who have the incinerating toilets! Other than that… the bacteria in my own poop, I really don’t worry about. I don’t have any diseases that could be dangerous to anyone, and I don’t have any worms, and would be composting in a pile hot enough to kill this off anyway. So adding in what might be a smell producing issue, at such a high cost, I’m a little meh on it without seeing reviews about it. But again, looks like a nice enough toilet that you could sub it for the lovable loo if you want a toilet looking toilet. Also has good instructions on how to deal with the pee hose.

Lovable loo… well, that’s the ugliest one they could find huh? I’ve seen these dressed up to look great, but still waiting for some kind of porcelain sleeve to be produced that fits a regular bucket, but makes it look more like a regular toilet. Other than that, price is right!

Nature’s Head… This is such an ugly toilet, but it is a lot smaller than some of the other competing toilets, that I’d consider it. I’d prefer a hose that you don’t see for the pee, that can drain into the ground directly, or at least into a larger holding tank, outside the home, just for those times that you MIGHT not catch that it’s full. Also… not to get too graphic, but I imagine that to NOT be a very pretty toilet after use, skid marks are highly likely, and when you’re on your period… you’ll fill that bucket just rinsing the damn thing to keep it clean. What they see as a benefit to the flapper, I see as a daily chore to wash. I also don’t like all the nooks and crannies that are just going to make it harder to clean, and stirring my poop?? why?? I’m sorry, but that’s just weird, and unneccessary, though if you do want this version. (and oddly enough, it’s a decent enough version, its’ still on my list as a possibility even with its drawbacks, though the ecojohn may outclass it for me now that I’ve seen it) then go to the Gone With the Wynn’s site for information on getting it with the discount their fans get.

SunMar… This is just big, and expensive. It’s great that you don’t have to empty it as often, and that it looks like a toilet, but I’m not sure I really want something that large. Try looking at it with a person beside it, it’s a lot bigger than it looks in that pic. What’s nice though, is that it really is one of the better toilets for how the composting is done. If you live somewhere that you need an approved toilet, this one should pass before a lot of the others will, especially if you get the kind with the unit you install below the house. Still not a fan of churning my poop though.

Santerra X… really, even on their hotlink, they don’t give enough info about how the toilet works to really have anything to say about it other than, WOW 3000$???? Think I’ll pass unless it renames itself to Irona and also cleans my house.

Here’s a much better bucket toilet picture.

see more of this toilet here:
see more of this toilet here:

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