Okay, I Might Blog a Little


I often post my thoughts in our facebook group at Tiny House People, and it gets difficult to keep track of them for people. Today, I saw that someone suggest a member search a post that I made probably 6 months or more ago, and realised that perhaps I should put my thoughts down somewhere easier to find.

So that’s what I’m going to do. The next bunch of posts are going to be so random, but contain some of the things I’ve researched over the last year and a half about tiny houses, that they’re worth at least putting down in text somewhere. I can’t promise that I’m going to post regularly, but I will post.

Once I get all the stuff that’s in my head out, then I’ll probably start using this blog more for what I’m planning.  If you do follow me at all, you’ll note that my ideas have changed greatly from when I first started. I imagine I’ll need to change the name of it at some point, but I can tell you my timeline has drastically changed, and my plan has increased in complexity greatly.

Our original plan, had been to use the retirement fund that hubby can access this spring, to start a build. I fully expected to be knee deep in planning, have my fave plan outlined by now, and start prepping for the build.  I fully expected to start in June. I do actually know which plan I would use if we were still going to be building on wheels.  I also have the tools needed to build it. (which I’ll put to use some other way)  What I don’t have any longer, is a desire to build a tiny on wheels, and pay the high rental rates in the area I live, in order to make it feasible.

So yes, I have a new plan. Stick around and you’ll find out what it is, I promise. And before you tell yourself, well then, if they’re not building a tiny house, I have no reason to follow this page, know that I’m still going to spit out all the things I’ve learned about going tiny here, (and yes, I am still going tiny, just a little differently than originally thought, and I’ll walk through all the things that led to my decision first before I explain that) and they may interest you in your own build, or at least save you the trouble of finding them out on your own.

So, rambling post aside, stay tuned for my first discussion, I’ll be popping in more often.


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