If you're looking to book an exciting adventure somewhere, but you aren't sure where, why not consider joining an established tour to a foreign land and let someone else take care of the details, while ensuring you have one of the times of your life? Accompanied tours can help you get the most out of a foreign country without having to worry yourself about specific things like cultural faux pas and language barriers. Read more below for reasons why taking an accompanied tour to Japan might be the best thing you ever did!

The Wonders of Japan
Japan, despite its relatively smaller size when compared to some of its neighbours, has a vastly different feel from north to south and from city to city. From the beaches of the island of Okinawa to the snowy ski slopes of the northern island of Hokkaido, there is something in Japan for everyone and for all tastes, lending itself to be a sought after destination for many people. Japan is ultimately an extremely large country, which is spread over a number of islands and can prove difficult to navigate, even for the most seasoned of travellers, which is why a limo transfer in Tokyo and then an escorted tour by someone who knows the country inside and out, alongside the language can make sure you get the absolute most of your time in this wonderful nation. Discovering Japan on an escorted tour is the best way to explore, ensuring you see the best, most well known pieces of the country without needing to compromise.

Variety Abounds
Tours to Japan don't have to be the standard route such as Tokyo, Osaka, and back again perhaps adding in one or two other locations or attractions. In fact, there are many ways to tailor a tour to Japan, and many basic packages with amazing sights and experiences already included. You might find that one of the amazing packages available that it already holds all the things you want to see and do during your time in Japan, meaning you can spend your time before the trip researching additional things you might like to add to your package - or even just sitting back, relaxing and letting your tour guide do all the heavy lifting!

Not Just Tokyo
Most people when planning their trip to Japan can get carried away with Tokyo alone. For example, this is a huge, bustling, almost chaotic (although fantastically well managed!) metropolis with a population that rivals the population of some entire countries in other parts of the world. With so many people, restaurants, activities, things to see and do, it can be far too easy to get stuck in Tokyo alone trying to fit this majestic city in! With an escorted tour though, Tokyo’s main attractions are carefully laid out so you fit the best bits in with none of the unnecessary other stuff to ensure you get the perfect feel for this great place, before moving on and getting into the other meaty bits of this great, and varied country!

So there you have it – several reasons why you should visit Japan on an escorted tour to make the most of the country and your time in it. Escorted tours help you see everything you want, and then some and take care of all the organisation for you, ensuring you will have the best possible experience in your allotted time – so go ahead and book now, and jet off to Japan for your next trip away.