For many tourists, a visit to the Niagara Falls is a once in a lifetime experience. For others, this area becomes somewhere that they are drawn to return to year after year. It is a stunning place that offers a remarkable range of experiences for visitors to enjoy. That is the main reason so many people are tempted back. The Falls are wonderful and something you never really tire of seeing, but so are many other things in the area.

Beautiful hotels with stunning views
There are dozens of lovely hotels to stay in. Competition for visitors is high, so the standard of accommodation is almost always excellent. Hotels like the Niagara Falls Marriott offer well-appointed rooms at a surprisingly affordable price. Importantly, they also offer Fallsview rooms. Nothing lifts the spirits more than being able to see the magnificent waterfalls from your own window. It makes you appreciate the power and majesty of nature and has an energising and grounding effect. The view is quite unlike anything you can find anywhere else.

Enjoy the areas interesting history
The land around the Falls has been populated for hundreds of years, so the area has a rich and varied history. Some of the surrounding towns and villages are beautifully preserved. If you want to step back in time, you can. On the Canadian side, a visit to Niagara Parkway is a must. It is very pretty.
There are numerous museums to visit. Some like Ripley´s Believe it or Not and Movieland are quirky and are really designed for tourists. But, others really do give you a deeper insight into the area´s history. A great example of this type of museum is the one run by the Niagara Historical Society. You can find out more about it here.

Adventure Experiences
The Falls are located within the boundaries of a State National park which is great for nature lovers and people looking for outdoor adventure. You can enjoy hiking, cycling, canoeing, zip lining, paddle boarding and a long list of other activities when you visit the area.

The chance to shop
There are lots of shops in and around the Falls and in the surrounding towns, including some really great factory outlet stores. Plus, there is also the chance to indulge in some big city shopping in either New York or Toronto, which are both within easy travelling distance.

Shows and much more
The fact that there are so many visitors looking for something to do in the evenings means that there is a great nightlife scene. There are clubs, restaurants, and bars to suit all tastes. Plus, there is the chance to attend a range of shows and events. You can take in a magic show, enjoy live music, see a play or enjoy a musical. The casino is also a great destination for people who like to have a flutter. What shows are available varies quite a bit. So, it is worth your while going online and seeing which shows and events are running before you book your Niagara Falls holiday.