The Caribbean is one of the most rewarding places you could ever visit, but most people haven't ventured to this natural paradise. This is a shame. For Americans, it's especially easy to visit the Caribbean Islands, because you don't even need a passport to go to this United States-controlled region. There are literally dozens of Caribbean islands, so there's more to do than the average person can pack into a single trip. The following tips will help you start a lifelong relationship with one of the most beautiful regions in the entire world.
Wherever else you go, you absolutely must visit Barbados. Barbados is a sovereign nation and one of the most well known islands in the Caribbean. The culture of Barbados is a smattering of various peoples that have immigrated or been relocated to Barbados over the centuries, including populations from West Africa, India, Britain, and Creole regions. All of these influences are reflected in the food, music, and culture of Barbados. The nation is very welcoming to tourism, as it is a major part of its economy. As such, scheduling family-friendly holidays to Barbados is a cinch.

The Bahamas and Cayman Islands are also common stops for first timers. The weather is so pleasant, and the price of visiting so hospitable, that you'll find something to enjoy no matter who you are. The Bahamas is a great place to learn how to surf, to sample local cuisine, to go on guided tours of jungle and ancient volcanic landscapes. For those who simply want to relax, the beaches are a perfect place to drowse in the sun, perhaps reading a book, perhaps not.

Trinidad and Tobago offer many pleasures for nature lovers and those interested in one of the more dynamic nations in the Caribbean. Swamps and wetlands offer greenery and wildlife not seen in most other parts of the world. Trinidad and Tobago's natural landscapes are incredibly colorful and verdant, as is the food you'll enjoy, with its tastes of native spices and traditions. You'll enjoy the cities as much as the natural areas, basing your stay in independent hotels or in any of the resorts that dot the coasts of these lovely islands. No matter who you are, the Caribbean is an incredible treat. Because these islands depend so greatly upon tourism, many of them make it very easy to visit from different parts of the world. For example, plenty of cruise lines stop in the Caribbean, some moving from island to island to give you a taste of different corners of the Caribbean. Flights arrive in these islands’ many airports, from spots all over the globe. Once you’ve arrived, ferries and tour boats can take you wherever you need to go, as can small passenger planes used solely for travel between islands.
In the end, the Caribbean is blessed with natural resources and natural beauty. If you love eating, recreating, and life itself, the Caribbean is definitely for you. Visit now, visit again, visit as often as possible.