The Catalan capital of Barcelona is a melting pot of culture, art, architecture and energy that sets it apart from almost all European cities. Barcelona has a different feel to other Spanish cities and it makes for a fantastic destination for a weekend break. If you are planning on a trip to this beautiful part of the World any time soon for a little getaway then here are some of the best things to do in this wonderful city.

Picasso Museum
The city of Barcelona meant a great deal to Spanish artist Pablo Picasso and the city returned the love by opening a museum dedicated to his art. This museum was opened whilst Picasso was still alive and he contributed many works during his life exclusively to the museum including many practice pieces and drafts. The museum features Picasso's most famous pieces including paintings, drawings and sculptures and art lovers will adore this place.

Take a Trip to Monsteraat
Just outside the city of Barcelona is the incredible mountain of Monsteraat a huge peak with a rugged outline that is filled with caves, stairs, chapels and offers incredible views. To truly experience the Monsteraat mountain you should take a tour from Barcelona and let a guide teach you all about the history of the peak which is in itself a national park. Tours are well priced and regular and I recommend that you spend some time on the mountain during your stay in Barcelona.

Visit La Sagrada Familia
This impressive cathedral in the centre of Barcelona was designed by the Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi, it was his masterpiece design and it is a must see on your visit to Barcelona. The cathedral is actually still in the process of being completed and work has been underway on the cathedral for 134 years and isn't expected to be completed until 2026. The reason for the length of time it has taken to complete is due to the incredibly intricate design of the building. Despite the fact that it is yet to be finished it still looks outstanding and you can walk throughout the building to fully appreciate it.

Camp Nou
The Camp Nou is the home of Barcelona's incredible football team, one of Europe's most successful and famous clubs and their stadium is equally as incredible. The stadium holds over 100,000 people and if you are lucky enough to be in town when there is a game on then I would strongly encourage you to get some tickets to experience the phenomenal atmosphere in the stadium. If you aren't lucky enough to catch a game then you should take the opportunity to do the stadium tour that takes you throughout the stadium and teaches the history of this club. At the end of the tour you can visit the museum dedicated to all things football from art, videos and artefacts from football history, a perfect day out for any football fan.