If you like hiking and you enjoy activity vacations, then you will love the idea of hiking a trail in some of the most amazing scenery in the world. Whatever your skill level or how long you want to hike, there is a trail designed for you. No matter where you are in the country, you can find challenging and easy-going trails not far from you. It is the beauty of traveling through North America, and in many places, there is more to do than just hiking.

Pacific Crest Trail
This trail spans an impressive 2,650 miles and winds its way from Mexico all the way to Canada. Because it is such a long trail, you will encounter many different climates from arid desert to glaciated valleys. Of course, you don't have to walk its entire length, however, once you start walking the trail, it will be difficult to think about stopping due to the ever-changing scenery.

Sunshine to Mt Assiniboine
One of the best trails in Canada, the Sunshine to Mt Assiniboine takes you through the Canadian Rockies. You will walk through beautiful alpine meadows covered in colorful flowers, and you can see a diverse wildlife population. Along the way, you can catch a glimpse of Canadas mighty Matterhorn which reaches a height of 11,870 feet.

Cirque of the Towers
The Cirque of the Towers is a series of jagged rocks and spires found in the Wind River Range in Wyoming. It has some wonderful alpine terrain that campers will enjoy, and it also has high peaks and glacial lakes that hikers will love. There is a 2-4-day looped trail that takes in some of the most beautiful features of these peaks, however, if you don't want to camp out overnight, you can always stay at one of the lovely hotels such as the White Buffalo Club Hotel in Jackson Hole.

Angels Landing
The Angels Landing rock formations in Zion National Park, Utah rises to a height of 1,488 feet and has some of the most stunning scenery you could imagine. A 2.5-mile trail was cut into the rock back in 1926 and takes you all the way to the top of the Angels. From here, you can see the Canyon below and the amazing rock formations. The trail will be a challenge, however, and certainly isn't for those who are afraid of heights, as the last section has sheer drop-offs and steep banks.

Coppers Canyon Trail
The Copper Canyon Trail is a group of six canyons in the center of Mexico’s Tarahumara Mountains. The highly colored copper and green walls span an impressive 37,000-miles and are a hiker’s dream. You can experience some of the cultures of Mexico while you are walking as you will meet communities of Raramuris or Tarahumara, who are the indigenous people of the area. These are a few of the many trails that run all over North America. Not only will you have a challenging hike, but you will also see some amazing sights.