Island holidays are always a hit with people of all ages, and for good reason. White sands, blue seas, palm trees and kicking back with an icy drink are all mainstays of a luscious, beach getaway. Nothing says pure relaxation and sun-seeking like sprawling out on the sands of one of your favourite islands, just whiling away the time and enjoying the cool breezes and gorgeous waters, teeming with sea life.

Which islands are best for holidays?
If the above already has you thinking about booking a holiday to a beach location, then you might be wondering where is best to head for the best sun, sea and sand experience. That alone is a loaded question - with literally thousands upon thousands of beaches around the world to explore, you have a seemingly endless choice ahead of you. Not to mention trying to decide and figure out when the best time to go is. That's why Kenwood Travel has made this useful infographic on when is the best time to visit Mauritius, a small island chain off the eastern coast of Madagascar, with information on what you can expect for every month throughout the year.

Tell me more about Mauritius
The island nation of Mauritius is well-equipped and popular with honeymooners and holidaymakers alike, attracting visitors from around the world year-round for various reasons. Being an island nation makes Mauritius a hot spot for great weather, fantastic snorkelling and diving and also numerous other activities such as hiking, water sports or simply just relaxing poolside. Mauritius is likewise stocked with resorts, hotels, great restaurants and overall a fantastic tourist infrastructure which makes it a popular choice for people of all ages.
So if you're considering a beach holiday, consider Mauritius. You really won't be disappointed by its collection of pristine beaches and turquoise seas. With more than just beaches and swimming on offer as well, it makes it the perfect location for people who generally just love getting outdoors a bit. So pack your bags - Mauritius awaits!