New Zealand is a beautiful country that offers different exciting, extreme and fun activities that you could try in your life. Visiting this country, 1,500 kilometres east of Australia, is perfect for those who are looking for time to unwind and have a blast. Sometimes, going out of your comfort zone is the best way to unwind. So in this post, we will discuss different activities that you could try when you visit New Zealand that will surely get your adrenaline rushing and heart pumping.
First of all, we advise that you book your flights, accommodations and reservations ahead of time. It is also best to book a car hire from Auckland airport to your hotel to avoid hassle. It will be a lot faster and convenient to have a rental car going from one place to another during your trip.

So are you ready to have a once in a lifetime adventure in New Zealand? Here are some activities that you could include in your itinerary:
Skydiving - is skydiving included in your bucket list? Well, New Zealand is a perfect venue to cross this out from your list. Skydiving is one of the most popular activities in NZ that you could try on your visit. The magnificent landscapes that you will see from 12,000 feet high will surely leave you in awe. Some of the places to skydive include Queenstown, Auckland or in Lake Wanaka. Lake Taupo has the largest commercial skydiving zone with stunning views of volcanoes, forests and of course, the lake itself. You will feel like a new person after this experience. And let's admit it, having been able to skydive will give you bragging rights that you will probably discuss among friends and new acquaintances for a long period of time.

Bungee jumping - NZ is also home for modern bungee jumping. You can find different commercial bungee jumping zones all over the country. You can do this from bridges, rail viaducts, platforms on the edge of cliff, stadium roofs and others. Of course, this activity is supervised by professionals to ensure your safety. This activity will definitely make your heart thumps wildly.

Off-road driving - you could also try off-road driving that will give you a new kind of high. You can try four-wheel driving in Waikato or visit Canterbury and experience an adventure in the foothills of Southern Alps. This will allow you to feel closer to nature.

Boat rafting – another activity to try is boat rafting. This is perfect activity to do with your group of friends or family. You can go from a quiet drift through forest wilderness to a more adventurous trip down turbulent rapids. This is indeed a fun activity to try on your visit.

Caving – there are numerous caving sites in New Zealand that will surely amaze you, and among the top and most popular is Waitamo. Caving experiences can range from a simple and easy drift through a beautiful grotto to a more action-packed subterranean adventure. You can find your preferred style in different places in NZ and if you book a car hire in Auckland airport at the start of your trip, it will be convenient for you to visit these caves,

It feels great to go out of your comfort zone once in a while. Travelling to New Zealand is a good opportunity to try something new and make sure to include those activities that we discussed here when you visit.