Sydney is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, and there is plenty to see and do when you explore this fantastic destination as a couple. From romantic interludes to spectacular scenery and natural beauty, there are plenty of sights that will take your breath away when you visit this iconic city. Below are some of the best excursions you can choose as a couple to explore Sydney and ensure that you have a trip that you will remember forever.

Explore Sydney On The Saddle
There has been a significant increase in sightseeing bike tours in Sydney that offers visitors a different perspective of the city. These guided tours are an excellent way to get orientated in the city and can take in iconic landmarks such as the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. You can go as part of a larger group or pay a little extra and have a personal guide all to yourself, and these tours are suitable for all levels of fitness and ability.

Cruise Around The Harbour
Another excellent way to take in the beauty of Sydney is to see the cityscape from the harbour. There are dinner cruises where you can experience the sunset while enjoying a romantic meal for two or you can also charter a yacht so you can enjoy the experience alone. There are many options open to visitors, but if you do not have experience at sailing, it is best to use the services of an experienced captain. A significant benefit to this is that they will be able to take you to the best spots using their local knowledge.

Floating In The Sky
If you want a truly magical experience when you visit Sydney, you may wish to experience a hot air balloon ride at dawn, and take in the majestic vistas as the sun rises. You will need to travel to the outskirts of Sydney for your balloon ride, and with various companies offering these services, there are plenty of choices available. TripAdvisor also has plenty of excellent recommendations on reputable tour companies offering hot air balloon rides.

A Bird’s Eye View Of The City
Another excellent way to explore Sydney and take in some of the sights that are available from a different perspective is to enjoy a helicopter ride. You can take a tour of scenic Sydney, or go further afield to somewhere like the Blue Mountains, and one thing that you will be guaranteed is spectacular views no matter where you go. There are many helicopter charter companies that you can choose from and make sure you bring along a good camera to capture some of the moments as you enjoy flying around Sydney.

A Picnic On A Deserted Beach
If you are looking to spend some alone time together and want nothing more than having the beach to yourself, you are in luck. There is plenty of choices with so much coastline offering beautiful beaches that all you need to do is hire a car and drive until you find a beautiful spot. Pack yourself a nice picnic and enjoy a day at the beach with your loved one before you head back to your hotel for dinner. However, do be careful if going in the water and check the local conditions first as there may be rip tides and strong currents you cannot see which can be dangerous.