The state of Pennsylvania is home to some of the most stunning scenery you are likely to encounter in this vast country and that means you have to make some tough decisions on what natural highlights are going to make your must-see list. To help you narrow down your options here are a few of the potential candidates to view when you visit the Keystone State, including a grand canyon that will deliver an incredible view, a prehistoric phenomenon, plus a chance to see a record-breaking plant system.

Make your way to Pine Creek Gorge
The main hub of the state is Philly and if you are making plans to visit as many of the natural wonders and iconic sights as possible during your trip, a good starting point might be to check in at somewhere like the Philadelphia Airport Marriott. One of the sights that must surely make your list of places to see would be the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania. It is situated in the breathtaking Pine Creek Gorge and stretches for about fifty miles while reaching depths of around one thousand feet, affording you some amazing natural views as you hike along one of the trails.

Plenty of wildlife to explore
Another must-see is the Black Moshannon State Park which sits on top of the Allegheny Plateau. There is in excess of 3,000 acres of forests and wetlands to enjoy and explore with plenty of different hiking and exploring options, including some bike and snowmobile trails at Dry Hollow, and a 16-mile trail network that allows you to connect to Moss-Hanne and other surrounding areas. These forests and wetlands provide numerous photogenic moments and the Black Moshannon State Park will definitely be a place you remember from your time in the state.

A relic from the last ice age
If you are feeling energetic and want to work your way across a 16-acre boulder-strewn area as well as taking on one of the many hiking trails in the vicinity then a visit to Hickory Run State Park is in order. The Boulder Field is designated as a National Natural Landmark and was formed during the last ice age, which makes it fascinating as well as challenging and is definitely a talking point as you explore.

Home to rare plants and animals
Nature lovers are also in for a treat if planning a visit to the Tobyhanna State Park in northeastern Pennsylvania. The Bender and Black Bear Swamps at the park are known to contain a variety of rare plant and animal species and in addition to exploring the area by bike or on foot when you follow one of the designated trails, you can also enjoy some time on the Tobyhanna Lake if you hire a boat.

Another place to visit if you want to find out more about what is believed to be one of the world’s oldest living plants is the Box Huckleberry Natural Area. This plant colony plays host to what is considered to be one single, interconnected organism that has survived for at least 1,300 years, which makes it a unique attraction. Whatever natural sights make your final must-see list, there is no question that Pennsylvania offers plenty for nature lovers to see.