The cruise industry has seen amazing success over the last decade or so, and what was once largely for the rich and elderly, is now a hot favourite with families all over the world. If you are thinking of booking a cruise holiday, here are a few packages that are specifically designed for certain groups.
Solo Cruising - Primarily aimed at singles who wish to have a great time and meet other likeminded travellers or passengers of the same age. Many people like their own company and wish to spend time in solitude. This can also be done on a singles cruise, as no one tries to get you to interact, although there are plenty of opportunities to do just that. You are likely to find people who like the same things, and many life-long friendships started with a singles cruise, as have countless marriages.

Young Family Cruises - This is an expanding market, as more and more parents realise the many benefits of a floating holiday, and if you wanted to take the kids away for a few days, there are Royal Caribbean cruises from Australia offered by leading cruise tour operators. This is a wonderful opportunity for any young person to experience something unique, and regardless of their ages, there is always something to do on a cruise ship. One of the main reasons families choose a cruise is the huge number of onboard activities that their kids can engage with, and with supervision, there are no fears of losing your kids.

Romantic Cruises - There are many short cruises leaving Melbourne and Sydney that are designed to attract romantic couples, and the best way to book such a cruise would be to search online for a leading cruise holiday operator. Many of the passengers have grown up children and they can indulge themselves in a romantic getaway, and by meeting other couples, they are expanding their contact lists. There is some more information on choosing the right cruise, which you should find helpful.

Mega Cruises - A mega cruise would be a trip around Australia, which would take the best part of three months, or even a round-the-world cruise, which is designed for seasoned cruise passengers who want to see the world in style. If you and your partner are both retired and the kids have families of their own, why not go for an epic 3-month cruise? Of course, a round-the-world cruise would consist mainly of retired people, although many of the passengers are only on the ship for a portion of the voyage.
Of course, prior to booking any cruise, you should find out what you can about the package. If you have any queries, the online cruise tour company is there to help. You can search by dates or destinations, and there are always some great last-minute deals if you can leave at short notice.