Camping is one of the favorite past times in the USA with over 40 million Americans going camping during 2019. Despite almost one million new households going camping every year since 2018, there are still those reluctant to leave the comfort of their own homes and brave the wild (and even the not-so-wild) outdoors. Luckily innovations in the camping-gear industry have made it possible to enjoy many of the comforts of home while camping. Apart from making sure your tent is easy to set-up (and take down), where you sleep and where you prepare and store your food is of vital importance in ensuring that a camping trip will be enjoyable for even the most unenthusiastic camper.

Don't skimp on your bed
Dubious sleeping arrangements are often the biggest fear of reluctant campers. Your bed is the one thing you do not want to skimp on when camping. If you want your camp set-up to resemble home, try to make your camping bed feel as much like your home bed as possible. A comfortable sleeping pad, whether of the inflatable or foam variety is an absolute must as is good-quality lightweight bedding. While most campers opt for sleeping bags, nothing prevents you from bringing your favorite sheets and quilts along on your camping trip. A comfortable pillow from home can add greatly to the cosiness of your bed while an eye mask and earplugs can drown out unwanted light and noise. If you sleep with a white noise machine at home and it is battery-powered, bring it along on your outdoor expedition as it is bound to remind you of home and make you sleep sound at night.

Get your kitchen area sorted
One of the luxuries we tend to enjoy most at home is to always have cold drinks and ice at our disposal. Critter-proof, insulated cooler boxes of a good quality will keep your ice icy, your wine and beer cold and all your perishables as cool and fresh as the day you bought them. There are a number of ultra-reliable cooler boxes and bags on the market, each with its own unique appeal. After conducting a bit of research you may even be able to solve the age-old Yeti vs Pelican debate as to what the most reliable camping-accessory available is.

Apart from keeping your food fresh, you would also like to eat, drink and cook in comfort. A couple of insulated wine glasses will beat any plastic or paper cup and is also a more eco-friendly approach. A camp kitchen will help you keep your food and utensils organized and will provide you with a sturdy surface to put your portable propane coffee machine on. There is also no longer a need to settle for grungy-looking pots and pans when you camp – snazzy cookware and utensils designed for the outdoors are readily available online and at department stores and will enable you to prepare feasts fit for a king if you wish to do so.

No need to stay dirty
One of the biggest concerns of many campers revolves around personal hygiene. While bathing in a dam or stream is often an option, not everyone is cut out for that level of roughing-it. Portable pump-action camping showers have been around for many years and although they get the job done, they are hardly a luxury. Cue the portable tankless water heater with its attached shower head that allows you to suck water from any source and heats it via a standard propane cylinder. Couple the water heater with a portable privacy tent, and you will able to have a warm shower in the private. Just remember to bring along your favorite body wash and shampoo to truly make you feel right at home in the middle of the wilderness.

Camping offers the ideal opportunity to get reacquainted with Mother Nature while taking a break from many of the stressors of daily life. The notion that you have to rough-it completely while spending time outdoors is grossly exaggerated and often deters many city slickers from leaving their comfortable technology-driven nests. By taking the discussed guidelines to heart you will be well on your way creating a camping experience that will closely contest the comforts of your own home.