We may still have a few months left of 2020 but that hasn't stopped us turning our attention to 2021, getting ahead with our travel plans. If you too are beginning to look at some travel destinations which you'd like to visit in the coming year then we have some great suggestions for you which you may like to consider. No matter if you are looking for a long haul trip, a city break or somewhere to just rest your bones in the sunshine, we've got you covered.

Johannesburg, South Afrca
Many head to South Africa to live out their safari dreams and Johannesburg makes for the perfect gateway city to this great nation. This is a city which is steeped in history having thrived for a great number of years after the gold rushing the late 19th Century, not to mention the ugly role which the city played in apartheid. Today however this is a very trendy and diverse city with a vibrant foodie scene, and locals who will welcome you with open arms. For access to national parks like Kruger which can be accessed by both air and road from Joberg. A cool city and the perfect place to spend a few days before heading off to see some wildlife.

Dubrovnik, Croatia
The last 5 years have ben very successful for Croatia's tourism industry as more and more people are wising up to what this amazing country can offer them. For me the very best of Croatia can be found in Dubrovnik, a place with stunning beauty, quiet streets, baroque architecture and a city which offers discovery and awe in equal measure. Dubrovnik sits right on the coast of the Adriatic sea with that famously shimmering turquoise color as the backdrop to this walled city. The pedestrian-only old town is a wonderful place to watch the world go by as you enjoy some fine local food and drink, and the tiny limestone streets are filled with surprises around each corner. Whether you are looking to discover the ancient beauty of this city or relax on those outstanding beaches, Dubrovnik has something to offer every type of traveler.

Mexico City
If you are coming from the US or you are traveling to a beach spot like Cancun from elsewhere in the world, a trip to Mexico City is an absolute must. This is a bustling and at times, chaotic city which offers the very best of old and new Mexico. Ancient ruins and protected heritage sites sit in amongst modern installations and skyscrapers, juxtaposing the Mexican character. With over 150 museums to explore, street food adorning every corner, large parks to wander and a citizens who can’t wait to show off their city and country, this is the perfect place for a 3 or 4 day break. From the cool street art to the amazing local food, the fascinating ancient sites and the trendy hipster scene in places like Roma and Condesa, this is a very cool place to visit which you shouldn’t miss out on.
Which city do you like the look of for 2021?