Getting away from it all with the whole family can sometimes be difficult. It can be hard to choose what to do to keep everyone entertained and interested. So why not try a unique family summer holiday on a farm in the alps? You'll get plenty of fresh air, have fun and learn some new skills too. Here are some reasons you should try a farm stay in the Alps with the kids this summer.

Learn what it's like to live and work on a farm
A farm stay in the Alps is a great idea for a family summer holiday. The Alpine traditional farm life is like no other and this is your opportunity to get a taste of this lifestyle. Some children may not have met some of the animals they find on the farm, let alone helped to care for and feed them. On a farm stay you can learn all about how to look after the farm animals and how the crops are grown and produced. Some stays also include cooking with the farmer's wife using with the fresh produce from your location. It can be a real eye-opening experience for some children especially if they haven't been on a farm before.

Try new activities
There are some new and exciting things you can do whilst on your farm stay summer holiday. Why not learn to ride horses as a family, some farms offer lessons and guides to take you out for a trot or a gallop. You could also take a hike or walk amongst the mountains and valleys in your beautiful alpine setting. Other farming related activities you could try are milking cows and churning butter, collecting eggs and herb picking. It's great for the kids to learn about how their food is made and where it comes from. Why not try a tractor ride too and feel like a real farmer!

Get out into the fresh air
Staying on a farm in the alps can kick start your healthy lifestyle by getting you outdoors and breathing that fresh Alpine air. You will probably be up early and out and about with all the things you want to do. Even if you don't want to try any particular activities, exploring the area you are staying in and soaking up the relaxing environment will do wonders for your health. It's also a time to put away the electronics and spend some time away from the screen. Well maybe bring your camera along to capture those special moments.

Where to go on your farm stay holiday
There are some perfect locations in the Alps for your family farm holiday. In Austria, France and Italy you can find farms to accommodate you’re stay. Try Tirol in Austria for spectacular mountain scenery and to learn about organic farming. Or Morzine in the French Alps for postcard perfect views and incredible food. In Italy, you will find the Alpine location appealing and very friendly for families. And the Swiss Alps should not be forgotten too where you can enjoy skiing as well as most stays will be very close to the lifts.
As you can see there are lots of reasons to book a farm stay holiday in the Alps this summer. You’ll enjoy your summer family holiday just as much as a winter family holiday in the Alps. These kind of holiday memories can stay with all the family for years to come. Have you ever stayed on a farm in the Alps? What was your experience?