If you are looking for your little piece of paradise to kick back and get in a winter vacation, then you should definitely consider a trip of ultimate comfort and head to St. Martins. Although non-Europeans will need to apply for a visa, since it is split between the French and Netherland territories of the Virgin Islands; it is more than worth the effort of getting that stamp in your passport. So why choose St. Martin? Here are five reasons to consider booking a flight to the Caribbean and booking a stunning St. Martin villa rentals from Luxury Retreats sooner rather than later.

St. Martin's dry season falls between the months of December and April, while most of the northern hemisphere is in the midst of their wet and cold seasons. With the average day in St. Martin during this time frame being sunny and between 80 and 85 degrees, it is the ideal location to defrost yourself and decompress as your friends back home bundle up and hide inside.

Exceptional Gourmet Cuisine
The daily French flights provide St. Martin with fresh meats, produce, and cheeses that are locally farmed and produced in France. Fresh delicacies that are not typically seen on island destinations make St Matin unique, the meals are cooked by European trained chefs that run many of the exquisite restaurants on the island and you are left with some of the finest dining in the world.

Cultural Diversity
Martin has the unique distinction of being an island that is split between two countries. The approximate 60/40 split of the island between France and the Kingdom of the Netherlands gives this special island a multicultural diversity that is rarely seen on typical vacations to countries with less character. It is common to hear a West Indian accented English, French, Spanish, and Dutch dialogue spoken as you explore the more than 70 different nationalities that are peacefully cohabitating in this gorgeous small island. The music, customs, and daily life culture infuses every aspect of this beautiful corner of the world.

37 Beaches To Chose From!
Although each of the 37 beaches that surround St. Martin may have their own individual idiosyncrasies, they all have one thing in common, the crystal clear turquoise ocean waters that lap at them, which will leave you dumbstruck with awe. Whether you prefer a secluded beach off of the beaten path surrounded by rocky cliffs, or a sprawling public beach you will have more than enough beach going options to choose from.

Lively Nightlife
The St. Martin nightlife has something to offer everyone, from dancing, to gambling, to simply enjoying a drink as you listen to some live local music. St. Martin has a varied musical culture that is represented at the various nightclubs, piano bars, and restaurants or cafes that complete the island’s nightlife experience. Keep your eyes open and you may even enjoy some talented street performances.